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Welcome to ECONS S.A. !

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Be in contact with us, so as to know each other, to exchange ideas, share our thoughts and testify our truth !

In today’s rapidly changing social and economic ambience, our company is widely known for the high-quality standard of coverage among its clients and partners.

ECONS S.A. has created flexible and effective administrative models for insurance services and is dinstinguished for the ability to enhance a secure feeling among its clients and partners.

The Company provides high quality in services, modernizes the functions continuously and invests in experienced personal staff, thus determining our progress and devotion to human factor, client and partner.

ECONS Contact us

Kratitos 10 & Sygrou Ave.
171 21, Athens, Greece

(+30) 210-9483350
(+30) 210-9483112
e-mail: info@econs.ondsl.gr